woensdag 13 juni 2018

juni 13, 2018
Traffic police will not be able to 

seize motorists' licenses for the 

majority of traffic offences from 

next year.

The move is designed to bring more convenience to the public as the authorities plan marked improvements to databases and prepare for the implementation of the much heralded points system for traffic offences.

Daily News said that the idea appeared to be a joke in their headline. This was not fully explained in their report but perhaps is a reaction that many Thai people will have to a long standing system that when traffic offences are committed it usually results in your license being taken away.

You only get it back when you go to the station to pay the fine. Thus, breaking the law and being allowed to keep your license will be something to get used to.

From 2019 traffic police will only be able to confiscate licences in serious cases involving loss of life or injury.

For the great majority of offences motorists will hang onto their license and then pay their fine and get their points.

Most of this will be handled electronically in the new proposed systems.

Pol Maj Gen Ekkarak Limsangkat who heads the committee proposing changes to the traffic laws said that matters relating to licenses are covered under Article 140.

The proposals have passed the first stage and will now be discussed further said the Maj Gen following a consultative meeting held with hundreds of members of the public last week.

Source: Daily News

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